Our Partners


The Beer Plant, located at Windsor and Exposition in Austin, TX has several dishes on their "vegan gastropub" menu which include our blue oyster mushrooms. 




The Brewer's Table

The Brewer's Table, Omikase cheers

The "Omikase" beer is only on tap for a limited time and was brewed with the expertise of Drew Durish who smoked our shiitake and oyster mushrooms to include in this amazingly session-able beer.


Vista Brewing

Vista Brewing uses our mushrooms in delicious menu items which vary from week to week.


Our organic, fair trade coffee beans for our cordyceps & chaga mushroom coffee are sourced from our good buddies over at Texas Coffee Traders who have been nothing but a huge help and support. They love our product, and we love them.





The Beer Plant, The Brewer's Table, Jester King Brewery, Texas Coffee Traders, Vista Brewing, The Black Forest at Live Oak Brewery